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Dear DCI Community Members,

We are delighted to share the latest developments of the DCI Network with you!

The DCI Network is hosting a webinar on May 16th 12-1:30pm EDT, Are My Devices Listening to Me? Data Privacy and Ethics in Digital Healthcare.

Join us for an engaging webinar that delves into the privacy and security of health data in mobile apps and smart homes. Healthcare is increasingly relying on digital systems to collect and analyze patient data. This presents immense opportunities for improving healthcare outcomes and providing personalized treatment options. However, it also brings a host of privacy concerns that require ethical guidelines and data collection standards.

Our expert panelists will showcase how innovative technology can transform healthcare while identifying the key priorities for ethical values, guidelines, and standards. We will present real-life use cases highlighting the benefits and opportunities of digital health systems for consumers while emphasizing the importance of privacy protection.

This informative and interactive session is designed to provide valuable insights for developers, consumers, and regulators on creating safe and ethical digital ecosystems in the healthcare industry. By attending our webinar, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the privacy concerns surrounding digital health systems and the importance of implementing ethical guidelines and standards to protect patient's data.

On Industry Standards and Ethics: Erika Cheung

  • Does the biomedical industry need ethics and oversight?
  • How do we train the industry on ethical digital health privacy and security standards?

On Wearable Devices and Health Data: Adam Molnar and Dr. Karen Rommelfanger

  • Are our wearables listening to us?
  • How do we build confidence with consumers with wearable health products?

On Smart Homes and Privacy: Tim Lauer and Mark Francis

  • Are home devices listening to us?
  • How do we ensure elderly and less tech-literate people know how to manage the security settings of their home devices

Yuri Quintana, Chief, Division of Clinical Informatics, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

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Platinum Events:
The DCI Network Retreat will be held at the Harvard Faculty Club in Boston, MA on June 22nd, 2023. The retreat will discuss the results of the first year of the Network and its future directions.
More information about the Retreat is available here:

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Working Groups:
DCI Network's first two Working Groups on Real World Evidence and Electronic Medication Information have been created. 

Working Group 1: Real Word Evidence  
To create a learning health system that accelerates how we implement collaborative precision oncology so that we can tailor care to each patient’s clinical history, genomics, geography, and social determinants of health such as race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, education, access to care, neighborhood effects and social support.
Create methods and operational examples of how real-world data (RWD) can be collected, aggregated, and analyzed to create standards-based approaches for improving biomedical discoveries and clinical decision-making to facilitate collaborative precision oncology.


Working Group 2: Electronic Medication Information

To expand the accessibility and effectiveness of unbiased, up-to-date, regulator-approved
electronic medication information to patients at the point of need through the
advancement of a digitally interoperable healthcare environment for more active health
management and medication adherence.
To pioneer and develop world-class leadership in the application, exchange, and integration
of electronic medication information for patients, with the ultimate goal of improving
understanding of medication labels thus promoting safe and appropriate use of medication
based on a patient's health literacy, equity, technical abilities, access, and Social
Determinants of Health (SDoH).

For more information and request to join the working group, please contact Yuri Quintana, Ph.D. at, and Gyana Srivastava at

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Yuri Quintana, Ph.D. (He/Him/His)

Chief, Division of Clinical Informatics, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School