Are My Devices Listening to Me? Data Privacy and Ethics in Digital Healthcare

Start Date: Tue, 05/16/2023 - 12:00
Location: DCI Network

Join us for an engaging webinar that delves into the privacy and security of health data in mobile apps and smart homes. Healthcare is increasingly relying on digital systems to collect and analyze patient data. This presents immense opportunities for improving healthcare outcomes and providing personalized treatment options. However, it also brings a host of privacy concerns that require ethical guidelines and data collection standards.

One of the key concerns is the collection of patient data through wearables, home monitoring systems, mobile apps, and social media. While this data can be beneficial for diagnosing and treating patients, it also raises questions about data ownership, usage, and protection. For instance, mobile apps and social media platforms can collect sensitive data about individuals' health and well-being, such as their medical history, fitness routines, and dietary habits. In the wrong hands, this information could be used for malicious purposes, such as identity theft or insurance discrimination.

To address these concerns, it's essential to develop ethical guidelines and standards prioritizing patient data privacy and security. Our expert panelists will showcase how innovative technology can transform healthcare while identifying the key priorities for ethical values, guidelines, and standards. We will present real-life use cases highlighting the benefits and opportunities of digital health systems for consumers while emphasizing the importance of privacy protection.

This informative and interactive session is designed to provide valuable insights for developers, consumers, and regulators on creating safe and ethical digital ecosystems in the healthcare industry. By attending our webinar, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the privacy concerns surrounding digital health systems and the importance of implementing ethical guidelines and standards to protect patient's data.

Yuri Quintana

Moderator: Dr. Yuri Quintana, Chief, Division of Clinical Informatics, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

On Industry Standards and Ethics: Erika Cheung and Nick Bott

  • Does the biomedical industry need ethics and oversight?
  • How do we train the industry on ethical digital health privacy and security standards?

On Wearable Devices and Health Data: Adam Molnar and Karen Rommelfanger

  • Are our wearables listening to us?
  • How do we build confidence with consumers with wearable health products?

On Smart Homes and PrivacyTim Lauer and Mark Francis

  • Are home devices listening to us?
  • How do we ensure elderly and less tech-literate people know how to manage the security settings of their home devices?


Erika Cheung

Erika Cheung is the Executive Director at Ethics in Entrepreneurship, a non-profit whose mission is to foster ethical questioning, culture, and systems in startups and startup ecosystems and provides programs catered to workers, investors, and founders.  The media extensively covered her as a key whistleblower in the Theranos scandal. She reported the fraud case to regulators preventing the company from providing false lab results to patients. She is also an advisor to several whistleblower advocacy organizations to support individuals who may be retaliated against while reporting misconduct. She is passionate about innovation, ecosystem building, development, economic mobility, affordable healthcare, and public-interest technology projects. She is an avid mixed martial artist in her free time and hopes to support efforts that leverage martial arts to empower trauma survivors.

Nick Bott

Nick Bott, PsyD, is the Global Head of Bioethics & Technology Ethics at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. A clinical and research neuropsychologist by training, his work focuses on the ethical and responsible use of emerging health technologies, the philosophy of health technology, and healthcare systems delivery design. Nick served previously as the Chief Science and Privacy Officer at Neurotrack Technologies. His research has been published widely, and has been featured in The New York Times, National Public Radio, and U.S. News and World Report.

Adam Molnar

Adam Molnar Is Co-Founder of Neurable, a leading brain-computer interface (BCI) company, an active leader of NeurotechX, the world’s largest neurotechnology community, and a recipient of Forbes' 30 Under 30 for Consumer Technology. He is also an advisor to the Institute of Neuroethics (IoNx), a mentor to various startups, accelerators, and competitions. Adam also leads conversations around human-computer interaction and has consulted the United Nations and the US Government on matters around the future of technology, security, and equity.

Karen Rommelfanger

Dr. Karen S. Rommelfanger is a neurotech ethicist and strategist. She is founder and director of the Institute of Neuroethics, the first think tank wholly dedicated to neuroethics. Her lab, the Neuroethics and Neurotech Innovation Collaboratory explores how evolving neuroscience challenges societal definitions of disease and wellness, cross-cultural neuroethics, and cross-sectoral neuroethics policy. Her boutique consultancy Ningen Neuroethics Co-Lab works specifically on applied neuroethics and strategy. Dr. Rommelfanger maintains a professorship in Emory University’s Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. She received her PhD in neuroscience and postdoctoral training in neuroscience, neural engineering, and neuroethics. Her scholarship has been published in high impact journals such as Nature, Neuron, and PNAS and she co-edited the Routledge Handbook of Neuroethics. She serves as the first neuroethicist editor at Neuron, served as senior editor of the American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience and executive board member of the International Neuroethics Society. In recognition of her neuroethics stewardship in the neuroscience community, she was appointed to the National Institute of Health (NIH) BRAIN Initiative Neuroethics Working Group and DARPA’s ELSI Neurotechnology Panel. She has consulted for the OECD’s implementation guidance for the first international standard in responsible innovation for neurotechnology and served as rapporteur for the Council of Europe to assess proposal for novel neurorights. Dedicated to cross-cultural work in neuroethics, she co-chaired of the Global Neuroethics Workgroup of the International Brain Initiative, a consortium of large-scale national-level brain research projects and served on the World Economic Forum’s Global Futures Council. She is a frequent contributor and commentator in national and international media on neuroethics strategy, neurotech innovation, and policy.

Tim Lauer

Tim Lauer is the Founder and Managing Director of APAC Ventures and Operating Partner at Brown Venture Associates. He works with deep technology startups in semiconductor, AI and healthcare to build out investment and company growth plans. Tim has held leadership roles in fortune 500, Corp VC, and has worked with 20+ startups in hands on roles to win the first customers, raise capital, build out the global team and scale the business to successful M&A exits. Tim previously lived and worked in Taiwan and Hong Kong for over a decade and now resides in Silicon Valley.

Mark Francis

Mark Francis is the Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Electronic Caregiver. Prior to joining ECG, Mark spent twelve years in the technology industry developing and launching products with Amazon Web Services and Intel Corporation. During this time, Mark led venture teams to take four products from concept to commercialization in the areas of mixed reality, robotics, wearable computing, and telehealth. Prior to joining Intel, Mark was a senior executive with Health Hero Network, Age Wave, Life Eldercare, and Defta Ventures. He began his career as a geriatric care manager and served as a program manager with the City of Boston Area Agency on Aging. Through these experiences, Mark possesses a unique understanding of product development, user-centered design, and scaling new ventures, particularly in the healthtech and aging space. Mark was educated at Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, and the University of Pittsburgh. An avid inventor, Mark has been awarded 18 US patents. He is a frequent writer and speaker on technology, aging, and innovation.

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