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AI in Healthcare: Risk Management, Trust, and Liability

Wed, 09/06/2023 - 12:00 - Wed, 09/06/2023 - 13:30
DCI Network
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This event is part of the AI in Healthcare event series.


DCI Network presents our latest webinar "AI in Healthcare: Risk Management, Trust, and Liability. Exploring Healthcare Risk and Risk Management in the AI World"

AI's integration into healthcare continues to expand, raising pertinent questions, particularly regarding how to prevent errors and the course of action when errors occur. In the prevailing paradigm, the clinician assumes the ultimate role of decision-maker, consequently bearing the final accountability for their recommendations and subsequent outcomes. In contrast, the mechanisms by which AI systems formulate conclusions often remain opaque, making it notably challenging, if not implausible, to deconstruct the decision-making processes within these systems.  How do we, as a society, figure out what role AI systems can play responsibly inside the healthcare ecosystem, and if things go awry, then what?

This dilemma prompts an essential question: where should the responsibility rest? For example, what ramifications ensue when an AI system examining pathology slides overlooks a cancer diagnosis or a clinical decision support system steers a clinical course of action in error, and its guidance is followed?

We have assembled a distinguished panel of experts specializing in healthcare risk management to unwind these issues. Our panel encompasses the leader of the Harvard Risk Management Foundation, a legal health care risk expert well-versed in Managed Care, and a lawyer and consultant specializing in complex relationships, including those in the health information technology space.

This upcoming webinar pledges to explore a plethora of intricate inquiries, potentially illuminating a path to unraveling and comprehending the multifaceted challenges raised by the amalgamation of risks and benefits accompanying the advent of AI systems within the healthcare ecosystem.

This webinar is part of a 4-part DCI Network Webinar Series exploring AI in Healthcare. Please join us for our last webinar in the series:

  • AI in Healthcare: Real World Data Generation and the Regulatory Perspective (September 13, 2023 12-1:30pm EDT)


Luke Sato, MD

Luke Sato

Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President

CRICO/Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard Medical Institutions

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Sato is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Senior Vice President for CRICO/RMF (Controlled Risk Insurance Company/Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard Medical Institutions) and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School (HMS).  His current responsibilities include overseeing the development of all Patient Safety and Risk Management programs for CRICO/RMF and coordinating these initiatives across the Harvard medical system.  Dr. Sato's clinical training is in neurology and computer science/medical informatics through the Division of Health Sciences and Technology at HMS and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  His interest is the intersection of informatics, malpractice, and patient safety. His role as CRICO's CMO is to collaborate and partner with patient safety and quality improvement leaders across CRICO member healthcare organizations and to find opportunities to co-develop and design interventions to address patient harm and reduce malpractice risk. Further, he identifies opportunities to leverage CRICO's financial and data resources to further the CRICO healthcare organizations’ quality and safety agenda to reduce harm and manage CRICO's malpractice exposure. Dr. Sato is leading an effort across Harvard Medical Institutions to implement an Ambulatory Safety Net/Close-the-loop initiative to mitigate missed and delayed diagnoses of cancer malpractice cases.


Paul DeMuro

Consultant and Attorney, Nossaman LLP 

Data Science/Data Analytics Advisor, Protoqual Learning Systems, LLC

An economist by education, Dr. DeMuro is a CPA (Maryland), who holds an MBA with a concentration in finance from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, a law degree from Washington University, and a PhD and MBI in Biomedical Informatics from the Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine, where he was a National Library of Medicine post-doctoral fellow, and focused on the use of health information technology and analytics in the context accountable care and improving quality and cost-effectiveness in healthcare delivery.  He is a consultant and attorney with Nossaman LLP in Austin, Texas, and a Data Science/Data Analytics Advisor to Protoqual Learning Systems, LLC, Reno, Nevada.  He has worked in the healthcare industry since 1979, and has participated in numerous managed care and risk management matters, including capitation, value-based purchasing and clinical integration models, particularly in the areas of personal, precision, and population health.  His experience in health information technology includes the intersection of AI and NLP in the context of evolving healthcare models.  He is a member of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Ethics Committee and the Chair of its Conflict of Interest Panel.  He is a member of the AMIA Ethical Legal and Social Issues 3rd Party Language research group on data sharing.  Dr. DeMuro is the former Chief Legal Officer Health & Wellness for the Royal Palm Companies, a real estate development firm, in Miami, Florida. He also is a former Chair of the American Bar Association Health Law Section and the Joint Committee on Employee Benefits. He has authored more than 200 publications and delivered over 400 presentations around the world.  He is a resident of Wilson, Wyoming.  Dr. DeMuro can be reached at or at 213.308.7859.

Kenneth “Kenny” White, JD

Kenneth White

Senior Director of the Health Care & Life Sciences Industry Division, WTW (Willis Towers Watson)

Kenneth ("Kenny") E. White, J.D.,  is Senior Director of the Health Care & Life Sciences Industry Division at WTW (Willis Towers Watson), an international insurance brokerage, risk consulting and actuary company. Kenny is also the leader of the Managed Care Industry Group and Director of the Payor Solutions Center of Excellence. His responsibilities include senior management, thought leadership, and risk identification, mitigation, management and finance as well as business strategy primarily for managed care, hybrid managed care, provider owned health plans, self funded health plans, TPAs, PBMs, alternative reimbursement models, administrative service entities, etc. Kenny is a health care lawyer by training having practiced as a national health care trial attorney for approximately 30 years before joining WTW in 2014. He serves as a leader in the ABA Health Law Section (long time Chair of the Managed Care and Insurance sub-section) and is Founder/Chair of the ABA National Managed Care Institute. Kenny is also an active member of AHLA, AHIP and other related industry associations. He is chair of the WTW National Managed Care Roundtable. He speaks regularly nationally and internationally on topics related to health care/managed care risk, exposure and transfer, health care policy, economics and finance.


Steven E. Labkoff, MD, FACP, FACMI, FAMIA

Global Head, Clinical and Healthcare Informatics, Quantori

Collaborating Scientist, Division of Clinical Informatics, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School

Steven Labkoff