Slides: The Future of Electronic Medication Labels and Patient Communication

  • Yuri Quintana

The time to advocate for changes in medication labeling has arrived. As the patient moves to the center of healthcare, medication labels must be designed to meet their needs. The healthcare sector needs to work to deliver an output that the patient can read, understand, and adhere to. Collaborative healthcare efforts are essential to facilitate this process of designing realistic solutions to simplify patient’s lives. It is the collective responsibility of the healthcare and other pivotal sectors within the digital health eco-system to come together to solve this real-world challenge. 

This webinar will discuss how we can improve our electronic patient communication, with a focus on medication labels, to improve patient safety. The webinar will bring a health equity lens to discuss the difficulties faced by low literacy and under-served communities that may have problems getting the help they need to understand their medications and take them safely. Join this expert panel to understand the issues, challenges and strategies to improve how we communicate medication information to patients.

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Dr. Yuri Quintana, Chief, Division of Clinical Informatics, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School


Patient Advocacy View - Stephanie Walker, Retired Registered Nurse; Member, MBC Alliance Executive Group; Project Lead, BECOME initiative

Patient Advocacy View - Claire Saxton, Vice President, Patient Experience, Cancer Support Community

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Publication Date

31 January 2023

Posted On

01 February 2023

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